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Ceramic dental implants offer a non-metal, healthy, and beautiful solution.

“In medicine and dentistry, it’s difficult to offer a permanent cure. However in the case of dental implants, we can offer a long-term and effective solution for those with missing teeth.”

Dr. Bill Locante, DDS

About Dr. Locante

Dr. Bill Locante is a nationally-renowned implant dentist with a primary practice in dental implantology. After graduating from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Dental Surgery, he promptly developed an interest in the promising field of dental implants. Dr. Locante says, “Advances in implant science were really just beginning and I was captivated with the real solutions they provided to my patients. This is an area of practice where one can greatly improve the quality of a person’s life.”

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How to Get a Healthy, Beautiful Smile, Regain Your Confidence

and Keep Your Own Teeth For the Rest of Your Life

Dental Implants - The Advantages

Ceramic dental implants not only look like your real teeth, but they feel like your real teeth, because of the structural and functional connection between the dental implant and the living bone. They’re not only strong but beautiful as well.

Ceramic Implants - A Healthy, Non-Metal Solution

Ceramic Dental Implants offer a healthy solution, perfect for those who do not want metal in their mouth. If you have metal allergies, or if you just want to healthiest kind of implants to avoid future problems, all-natural ceramics are the way to go.

Pain-Free Sedation - No Fear Dentistry

We offer a wide variety of sedation options – from a local anesthetic all the way to general anesthesia – no matter what you choose we’ll make you sure feel comfortable. We want you to have the best experience possible.

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These are some of the services we offer.

All Ceramic, Metal-Free Implants

Most dental implants are still made of titanium which is a bio-compatible metal used for over 60 years to replace missing tooth roots. All ceramic/non-metal implants are the newest material being offered and has numerous advantages – primarily for people with true metal allergies or sensitivities. However, the dental implants Dr. Locante recommends are made of ceramic and are classified as non-metallic. It is very biocompatible with bone. Because of the compatibility, the jawbone grows around the implant making it firm and stable.

Pain-Free Sedation

There is very minor discomfort with this procedure when performed by a trained surgeon. We offer I.V. sedation, oral sedation (pills) and general anesthesia, in our Nashville, Tennessee area office to ensure our patients are pain free and completely comfortable. Most of our patients find that they do quite well with minor pain medication such as Ibuprofen (Advil) after the procedure. Most patients return to their normal activities within a day of their dental implant treatment.

Full mouth Restoration/Rehabilitation

We offer full mouth restoration at our clinic. That means if you need all your teeth restored, we can do it. If you have existing jaw or bone loss problems, we can also help you start to rehabilitate.

Dental implant treatment offers firm, stable, and natural looking teeth. Patients can eat almost anything they like and can smile with confidence again. Dental implants also stop the destructive bone loss process caused by trauma from wearing dentures.

People who have trauma from wearing dentures are most likely experiencing a gradual bone loss process that occurs when the teeth are extracted and tooth roots are missing. Because tooth roots stimulate jawbone health, the jawbone starts to shrink or melt away once the tooth roots are gone. Wearing a denture greatly speeds up the bone loss process. Normally, the lower jaw shrinks much faster than the upper jaw, causing the most problems.

The length of dental implant treatment varies and is determined by the specific treatment required. In some cases, patients can leave the office on the day of treatment with functioning teeth; however, most treatment plans require four to six months. The majority of the time is needed for the patient’s bone to “bond” or “integrate” with the dental implant.

If you wear dentures, we would like for you to keep your dentures out the day of treatment, but, thereafter, you can wear your dentures throughout your treatment.

Whether or not your dental implant treatment is covered by insurance depends on the insurance company and the type of coverage. Almost every policy is different. This area is one we are very familiar with, and we can help you with the determination of your insurance benefit.


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Portfolio - A look at some of our work

When my implant practice started in 1988, I discovered early on that patients can learn a lot from Before and After photographs. Although a bit unsightly at times, the patients could actually see the benefits of implants right before their eyes. As an implant dentist, I like what the actual photographs communicate because photography, rather than just words, is much better at telling the complete story. We’ve included numerous before and after photographs which will show you, our valued website visitors, the end results of what implants can and should do.

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Jessica L.’s Case

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Our Videos and Blog

VIDEO – Dr. Locante’s Bio

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 14, 2016
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VIDEO – Why METAL-FREE Implants?

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 12, 2016
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VIDEO – Implants Vs. Dentures

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 11, 2016
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VIDEO – Single Tooth Replacement

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 10, 2016
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VIDEO – Learn About Our Pain-Free Sedation

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 9, 2016
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Implant Dentist – Dr. Bill Locante

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 6, 2016

Dr. Bill Locante – A Leader in Dental Implant Science Dr. Bill Locante is a nationally-renowned implant dentist with a primary practice in dental implantology. After graduating from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Dental Surgery, he promptly developed an interest in …

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Dental Implant Procedures

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 5, 2016

Today, a dental implant is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. This appearance is aided in part by the structural and functional connection between the dental implant and the living bone. Implants are typically placed in a single sitting but require …

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Dental Implants – Right For You?

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 4, 2016

Dental implants are fast becoming America’s preferred solution for a missing tooth – or even as a replacement for a full-set of teeth. Implants are solid and stable, and act very much like the natural teeth we were born with. …

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“Teeth Today” – Immediate Tooth Placement

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 3, 2016

Teeth Today is an advanced technique of surgical placement of implants and an immediate placement of the restorative tooth (crown). In other words, you get your teeth the very same day! The process starts with radiographs and possibly a CT …

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The Dental Implant Answer

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 3, 2016

The dental implant answer: For patients missing a single tooth – or even a full set of uppers and lowers – dental implants are the most stable option available. They don’t move or slip or wobble. They’re stable and secure …

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Platelet-Rich Plasma and Fibrin – What is it?

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 3, 2016

What is platelet-rich plasma and platelet-rich fibrin, and why do you recommend their use? Platelet-rich plasma is an almost miraculous substance when it comes to it’s healing properties. This question above might best be answered by another question……one that we ask our …

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Ceramic Dental Implants – The Latest Advancement

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 3, 2016

Ceramic dental implants or Zirconia implants are the newest advancement in dental implantology. The one-piece ceramic implant contains no metal whatsoever, and is aesthetically more natural looking than any titanium implant. Dr. Bill Locante is one of the few implant …

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Patient Registration Form

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 3, 2016


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Frequently Asked Questions

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 2, 2016

How much does the dental implant procedure cost? The cost is determined by several factors: the number and type of dental implant needed, the amount of bone loss the patient has experienced, and the type of final dental implant-supported teeth …

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Implant Education For Dentists

by Dr. Bill Locante on February 1, 2016

To my colleagues in the dental profession, thank you for visiting our website about my practice and about dental implants. In my twenty-plus years as a practicing implantologist, it has always been a top priority to keep my referring dentists …

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