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The professionals at Nashville Dental Implant Center offer patients the compassion, training, and experience they need. When you’re ready to learn more about dental implants or our other restorative dentistry services, reach out to our friendly and qualified dental team. Contact Nashville Dental Implant Center today by calling 615.436.5987.

ora white headshot

Ora White

Surgical Assistant

Ora is Dr Locante’s surgical assistant. She has worked with Dr Locante for more than 8 years.

Her passion for dentistry flows from a heart that loves to help others look and feel their best as well as building relationships with the patients and their families.

She loves all aspects of dentistry that Dr. Locante’s practice offers, especially the teaching and she also enjoys volunteering her time to work with medical and dental non-profit organizations to help others.

sheri blade headshot

Shari Blade

Scheduling Coordinator

Shari joined Dr. Locante’s team just over 2 years ago but she’s been working in the dental field for over 15 years. Her favorite part about dentistry is being able to see a patient’s smile and confidence restored from start to finish.