Dental Implant Complications

Dental Implant Complications

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Ideally once a dental implant is placed, you should not have to worry about anything other than taking good care of your implants through careful oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

However, even though dental implants are designed to last a lifetime, dental implant complications can and do occur.

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Factors That can Cause Your Implant to Fail

A Poorly Placed Implant: Not all dental implants are successful, resulting in the need to either re-seat the original implant or replace the implant.

Lack of Good Oral Hygiene: Without a good oral hygiene regimen, your dental implants can deteriorate just the same as your regular teeth can. Oral hygiene is key to keeping your implants in optimum condition.

Trauma to the Mouth and Jaw Area: Any type of trauma to the facial area, especially the jaw, can cause your dental implants to become damaged, therefore placing your implants at risk for Complications.

Allergic Reaction to Metallic Implants: A previously unknown metal allergy prior to placement of metallic dental implants, can be a cause for great discomfort and would be a prognosis for dental implant replacement using Ceramic Metal-Free Implants.

Lack of Bone and Tissue Regeneration and Growth: Your dental implant could fail if your body rejects the dental implants or just does not regenerate the bone and tissue growth necessary to properly blend within your existing teeth and jaw.

Peri-implantitis Issues: Peri-implantitis is a condition that usually occurs when proper oral hygiene is not followed and regular visits to your dentist are not taking place to insure proper care and use of your dental implants.

What to do About Dental Implant complications

If you are experiencing issues with your dental implant, it is imperative to have the implants examined as soon as possible so that you can move forward with the proper treatment necessary to either reverse the current issue or determine if replacement of the dental implant is required.

Nashville Dental Implant Center offers corrective services of your dental implant Complications, in addition to our other dental implant services. As a world-renowned Dental Implantologist and leader in the field of implantology, Dr. Locante has helped numerous patients who have encountered dental implant Complications to restore their smile.

What can determine if your dental implant is failing?

  • Your implant feels loose or out of alignment with your other teeth
  • Development of Peri-implantitis
  • Previous dental implant is breaking down or causing pain
  • Disease causing your implant to separate from the jawline and/or gums
  • Other oral health issues

How quickly can dental implant restoration be completed?

Teeth today or tomorrow? Yes - Patients that respond well to the procedure can generally leave the office with a full restoration the same day of surgery. Dr. Locante specializes in patients being able to have their "Teeth Today".

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I received the very best of care from Dr. Locante and his staff during my implant procedure. No long waits or delays. I required bone grafts and also reconstruction on my gum tissue.
I experienced minimal discomfort throughout the entire process. If you’re looking for an Implant Doctor, look no further!
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Richard W

January 28, 2016
Dr. Locante is so knowledgeable and very friendly. He put in two implants. He is very caring and gentle. His experience in this field speaks for itself. He is referred by my friend and another Dentist. The staff is very friendly as well. I highly recommend him and this place for all your dental implant needs.
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Shaki S

December, 2017

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