Options for Denture Wearers

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woman smiles in mirror after deciding between dental implants vs denturesDenture wearers have several options when making a determination between teeth implants, bridges and dentures. The largest factor is the degree of stability and retention the denture wearer wants and/or needs. Stability and retention can be provided with just two implants, creating a “snap-in” like denture.

With as few as four implants, the entire denture can be fixated in the patients mouth allowing our office or your personal dentist the ability to remove as needed for other dental procedures.

If you are looking for a fixed set of teeth or a full set, usually a minimum of six implants are required for proper force dissipation and the development of enough bone implant interface to handle the forces and stresses of use.

With our pain free sedation, the majority of our patients have no complaints about pain or require additional pain medication after the procedure has been completed. Please visit our Pain Free Sedation page to learn more about our sedation options.

Choosing between dental implants or dentures is not always easy. If cost is not a factor, then you may struggle to decide which option is the best for your case. An estimated 70 percent of middle-aged Americans have at least one missing tooth, so getting a denture or an implant is a common procedure.

Deciding Between Dental Implants Vs Dentures

The choice between dental implants or dentures depends on what you want in terms of comfort, cost, and convenience. While dental implants will generally cost more money, dentures do not require any healing time. Meanwhile, dental implants are popular because they look and function like your normal teeth.

Another factor to consider is the strength of your jawbone. A dental implant involves placing a screw or blade into your bone. If you suffer from bone loss, there might not be enough bone left to install the implant correctly. Your dentist will check for things like this and go over dental implant resources with you before doing the implant.

Some people do not get dentures because they think that they will look old. They may be afraid that the dentures will slip out. If the dentures do not fit properly, they can even lead to infections or tooth decay in your remaining teeth.

Thankfully, the quality of dentures has significantly improved over the years. In addition, many problems connected to dentures go away if you get them from a reputable, talented dentist. When it comes down to it, choosing between dental implants vs dentures is primarily about what works best for you and if your jawbone is healthy enough for an implant.

How Dentures Work

woman smiles as dentist asks her about dental implants vs denturesBefore choosing between dental implants vs dentures, spend some time learning about both options. You can get full or partial dentures to replace some or all of your teeth. Unlike an implant, dentures have to come out at night. You use a cream, liquids, or other products to clean them while you sleep.

Some people dislike dentures because they feel fake and can slip around sometimes. Often, people need to use adhesives to hold the dentures in place. Eventually, even the best dentures have to be remade to match the individual’s jaw shape again.

How Dental Implants Work

For many people, the choice between dental implants vs dentures is simple. Endosteal dental implants look and function just like your natural teeth. Because the screw goes into your jawbone, it stimulates the bone so that your bone stays strong as you age. This helps you maintain your youthful facial structure for longer.

When considering dental implants vs dentures, people often pick implants because they are strong and securely attached to the jawbone. They can eat and chew like normal without having to avoid any foods. Plus, dental implants are a long-lasting option that can even last for an entire lifetime. While implants generally cost more than dentures, they are a better option if you want a strong, long-lasting replacement.

Getting the Dental Help You Need

Whether you want dental implants or dentures, an experienced dentist can help you get the procedure you need. Your dentist can also help you consider the cost of your procedure and if your jawbone is healthy enough for implants. Once everything is ready, you can quickly get the tooth replacement you want.

Through your dentist’s office, you can get services such as:

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