If you want to fill in missing gaps, dental bridges may be your best option. Dentists use bridges to replace missing teeth. Once they install the bridge, the patient’s mouth looks like new again. Depending on your unique situation, bridges may be the right choice for you.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

mom smiles with happy child after getting dental bridgesBridges basically attach to the tooth on either side of the gap. In the middle of the two sides, a false tooth or teeth fill in the empty space. This false tooth may consist of alloys, gold, porcelain, or similar materials.

Dentists make dental bridges by placing one or more crowns on each side of the gap. These teeth are the abutment teeth. In between the two sides, the dentist places the false tooth. Because of the way it looks, dentists call this installation a bridge.

There are several kinds of dental bridges Nashville residents can find available. A traditional bridge is a typical choice. This involves a crown on either side of the empty space with a replacement in between.

A cantilever bridge is for cases where there is only an existing tooth on one side of the missing space. This technique is fairly rare because it adds too much force to the teeth in the back of the mouth. Because of this force, the existing tooth can suffer from damage.

The last kind of bridge is a Maryland bridge. The manufacturers make these bridges from different variations of porcelain, metal, and plastic. Dentists make a Maryland bridge by adding porcelain or metal wings to one side of the bridge. They do this by bonding the bridge onto your existing tooth.

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The Advantages of Getting a Bridge

With the dental bridges Nashville dentists offer, you can quickly transform your smile. If you suffer from gaps or missing teeth, you can fill these spaces in right away. Even though the teeth are fake, they will look just like your real teeth.

Dental bridges do more than restore your smile. They can also help you to speak and chew properly. While they do not perform exactly the same way as your natural teeth do, they will make it easier for you to chew again.

As soon as you get your dental bridges, they will immediately help your smile stay in alignment. Without the bridge, your teeth could shift places and become crooked. With your new bridges, you can maintain the shape of your face. It also allows you to distribute the force when you bite by replacing your missing tooth.

Other than dental bridges, you may also want to consider options like dental implants. Bridges tend to be cheaper and faster to install, but implants are a useful alternative as well. Before your dentist starts the procedure, he or she will cover the different options that could work for your unique case.

Achieving a More Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile could be within your reach. When you go to a restorative dentistry clinic, you can get services and procedures for returning your smile to normal. Even if it has been years since you chewed normally, your dentist can help you replace and repair your teeth.

At the dental clinic, you can discover unique services such as:

Your smile says a lot about who you are. When your smile suffers, it can cause your confidence and self-esteem to drop as well. Whether you need a beautiful smile for your professional or personal life, the Nashville Dental Implant Center can help. Discover more information about how we can help by calling us at 615.436.5987 today.


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