All Ceramic, Metal-Free Holistic Dental Implants

Most dental implants, like endosteal dental implants, are still made of titanium which is a bio-compatible metal that’s been used to replace missing tooth roots for over 60 years. All-ceramic dental implants are the newest material being offered. This style of implants offers numerous advantages ‐ primarily for people with true metal allergies or sensitivities. Ceramic dental implants are classified as non-metallic and are very biocompatible with bone. Because of this compatibility, the jawbone grows around the implant, making it firm and stable.

Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants in Nashville

Ceramic dental implants, also known as Zirconia implants, are the newest advancement in dental implant technology. The one-piece ceramic implant contains no metal whatsoever, and is aesthetically more natural looking than any titanium implant.

Dr. Bill Locante is one of the few implant dentists in the country who is placing ceramic implants. The Zirconia ceramic implant procedure is not the same as the titanium implant, like those used in subperiosteal dental implants ‐ which is considered as more the traditional kind of dental implant.

Dr. Locante is a nationally renowned implant dentist with a primary practice in dental implantology. He has been at the forefront of dental implants science and innovation since 1988. Dr. Locante is a regular speaker abroad, and continues teaching dentists all over the world.

After graduating from Marquette University School of Dentistry in Dental Surgery, he promptly developed an interest in the promising field of dental implants.

Dr. Locante says, “Advances in implant science were really just beginning and I was captivated with the real solutions they provided to my patients. This is an area of practice where a doctor can greatly improve the quality of a person’s life.”

Advantages of Ceramic Dental Implants

There are numerous advantages to all-ceramic dental implants, for example:

  • woman smiles after getting ceramic dental implantsThey’re Great for Allergies and Sensitivities: An increasing number of individuals suffer from metal allergies, sensitivities, or other immune reactions. Placement of non-metal, ceramic implants is a new and effective solution to these challenges.
  • They’re Holistic Friendly: For those choosing a holistic protocol for healthcare and prefer a non-metal option, all-ceramic/zirconia implant is an excellent choice.
  • They’re Aesthetically Beautiful: Ceramic implants are more attractive in appearance since they closely match natural teeth. The beauty is in the naturalness of the material.

Metal-Free Dental Implants

Zirconium is a metal, however what the professionals at Nashville Dental Implant Center use is the ceramic portion of that, known as zirconia oxide. By using zirconia oxide, we are able to create the zirconia (or ceramic) implant, thereby creating a metal-free implant. These implants are white, beautiful, and the body responds to them as well as it would to any titanium implant.

Zirconia implants are great for patients with a true metal allergy to one or more of the components of titanium. As restorative dentistry services become more common, we have more patients with metal allergies who request the zirconia ceramic dental implants.

Those who prefer holistic dentistry services enjoy zirconia implants as it aligns with their health philosophy of no metals. They want no metals in their mouth, and all ceramic dental implants in Brentwood, TN give them that option. Zirconia or all ceramic implants can serve as a foundation, and then your implantologist can install all-ceramic or zirconia restorations or bridges on top.

Dr. Locante is one of the few doctors that provides all zirconia implants. Dr. Locante also provides dental implant education for dentists, as there is just a little more involved with zirconia implants than your standard implants.

The Wellness Hour with Randy Alvarez

This video explains more about Metal Free Dental Implants and why they are used today for more patients.

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