Ideally, once a dental implant is installed, you should not have to worry about dental implant complications. However, even though endosteal dental implants and others like it are designed to last a lifetime, problems can occur and you may need restorative dentistry services to correct these issues.

Dental Implant Complications

There are several factors that could cause dental implant complications, such as:

  • dentist with a clipboard explains dental implant complications to a smiling patientA Poorly Placed Implant: Not all dental implants are successful, resulting in the need to either re-seat the original implant or replace the implant.
  • Lack of Good Oral Hygiene: Without a good oral hygiene regimen, your dental implants can deteriorate the same way your regular teeth can. Oral hygiene is key to keeping your implants in optimum condition.
  • Trauma to the Mouth and Jaw Area: Any type of trauma to the facial area, especially the jaw, can cause dental implant complications and your implants can become damaged.
  • Allergic Reaction to Metallic Implants: A previously unknown metal allergy prior to placement of metallic dental implants can result in discomfort. However, thanks to technological advanments in dental implantalogy, patients with metal allergies can receive ceramic metal-free implants.
  • Lack of Bone and Tissue Regeneration and Growth: Your dental implant could fail if your body rejects the dental implants or just does not regenerate the bone and tissue growth necessary to properly blend within your existing teeth and jaw.
  • Peri-implantitis Issues: Peri-implantitis is a condition that usually occurs when proper oral hygiene is not followed and regular visits to your dentist are not taking place to insure proper care and use of your dental implants.

What To Do About Dental Implant Complications

If you are experiencing issues with your dental implant, it is imperative to have the implants examined as soon as possible. Your dentist will work with you to determine the proper treatment necessary to either reverse the current issue or determine if replacement of the dental implant is required.

Nashville Dental Implant Center offers restorative dentistry services in Nashville that can fix dental implant complications. As a world-renowned Dental Implantologist and leader in the field of implantology, Dr. Locante has helped numerous patients restore their smile after experiencing dental implant complications.

How to determine if your dental implant is failing:

  • Your implant feels loose or out of alignment with your other teeth
  • Development of Peri-implantitis
  • Previous dental implant is breaking down or causing pain
  • Disease causing your implant to separate from the jawline and/or gums

How quickly can dental implant restoration be completed?

Nashville Dental Implant Center offers same day teeth implants to patients who experience dental implant complications. Teeth Today is an advanced technique involving the surgical placement of implants and an immediate placement of the replacement tooth. Dr. Locante has been at the forefront of Teeth Today since its inception.

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