When you want to replace a missing tooth, endosteal dental implants are one of the options you can use. This type of implant goes into your jawbone to make a replacement tooth that functions just like your natural teeth. Before you get an implant, your dentist will help you look at the different options and give you dental implant resources to decide if this choice is right for you.

How Endosteal Dental Implants Work

couple shows off their new smiles after getting endosteal dental implantsWith the endosteal dental implants Nashville residents look for, you can quickly replace missing or damaged teeth. You will generally get a blade or cylinder implant. Both of these things are the part of the implant that goes into the jawbone.

A cylinder may consist of ceramic, polymeric or titanium materials. It also includes an abutment that connects to the crown. Meanwhile, the blade may have one or more abutments. With either option, a prosthetic tooth will go on top of the abutment.

If your damaged or decayed tooth is still present, the dentist will remove it first. When you are already missing a tooth, you are able to start the implant process immediately. The first step is deciding if you are the right candidate for the procedure. In general, this step involves looking at your overall physical and dental health.

If you are in good health, your dentist will have you sign a consent form and discuss the entire procedure with you. You will most likely get an antibiotic and other medications to take before, during, and after the procedure. Your dentist will also discuss the necessary appointments, costs, and the timeline for getting endosteal dental implants.

Initially, your dentist will place a screw or cylinder in your jawbone. Then, you will probably wait for four to six weeks for the bone to grow around the implant. During this time, you can eat and drink like normal.

When the healing process is complete, you are ready to finish getting your implant. Your dentist will install an abutment that attaches to your implant. Then, he or she will install your denture, crown, or bridge. Dentists make endosteal dental implants so that they perfectly match the shape, color, and size of your surrounding teeth for an entirely natural appearance.

If you’re allergic to metal or prefer to be metal-free, ceramic dental implants are also an option.

Caring for Your Implants

Through the endosteal dental implants Nashville clinics offer, you can make your smile perfect again. You can easily care for these implants like you take care of your normal teeth. Brushing your teeth twice or more a day helps to reduce bacteria, remove plaque, and prevent inflammation. By keeping the abutment area of your implant as clean as you can, you can help your implant to last as long as possible.

Finding the Right Implant Dentist

Nashville residents can easily locate world-class implant specialists. With endosteal dental implants, you can immediately replace your missing teeth with a healthy, beautiful alternative. These implants look and function just like your normal teeth, so you may not even notice that they are there. Having a healthier, more beautiful smile can give you a boost of confidence and self-esteem.

Other than endosteal dental implants, your dentistry office may also provide options such as:

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