Pain Free Sedation Dentistry

Most of the procedures completed at Nashville Implant Dental Center do not require sedation. However, if you are even the least bit apprehensive, pain free sedation is available and advisable. We offer oral sedation for patients that just need to calm their nerves and IV sedation for patients with an increased apprehension. General anesthesia is also available to patients when oral or IV sedation is not advisable.

Truth is that most of our patients don’t complain of pain even after their procedures. Most patients don’t even take their first pain pill. Some may take one or two pain pills because they think they need to, however, when we call our patients the next day, they tell us “I never really had to take a pain pill” or some will say “I took a pain pill because I thought I had to” and others from time to time that will say “Yeah, it was a little sore”. So it’s very, very rare that we have a patient who complains of a lot of discomfort.

Sedation dentistry is a kind of dentistry practice where techniques like general anesthesia help patients relax. If you usually experience stress and anxiety before your dental appointments, this form of dentistry may be right for you. It helps patients to relax during surgeries that would otherwise cause them anxiety.

How Sedation Dentistry Works

dentist smiles in her office ready to perform sedation dentistryThe sedation dentistry Nashville residents get can vary from general anesthesia to laughing gas. Ultimately, the goal is to help patients relax during uncomfortable appointments or surgeries. Sometimes, patients have a dental phobia that is so severe that they avoid the dentist completely. Sedation dentistry can help these patients relax at their dental office.

For years, dentists have practiced anti-anxiety techniques to help their patients. These techniques work for anything from routine procedures to dental surgeries. The kind of technique someone gets depends entirely on the severity of their phobia. With the sedation dentist Nashville residents get, they can be confident of receiving a more relaxing, peaceful experience.

There are several different forms of sedation. With minimal sedation, the patient is awake and completely relaxed. Moderate sedation involves being conscious, but the individual may slur their words or not remember portions of the procedure. Meanwhile, deep sedation involves being on just the edge of consciousness.

In general anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious. General anesthesia generally involves receiving a sedative drug through an IV. Meanwhile, less intense forms of sedation may include laughing gas or oral drugs. Laughing gas is a popular option because it helps the patient relax and also wears off quickly.

While patients can drive home after getting laughing gas, other forms of sedation are too strong for driving a vehicle afterward. If patients receive oral or IV sedation, they will need to get a friend or family member to drive them home. No matter what form of sedation the patient gets, they will also get a local anesthetic at the location where the dental work is happening.

Our dental implant videos can help you take a look at various procedures and see if they’re something you’ll need sedation dentistry for.

Can You Get Sedation?

Whether you can get the sedation dentistry Nashville clinics offer or not depends on your physical and mental health. You have to have good enough health to go through certain kinds of sedation at a dental office. If you suffer from ailments like respiratory diseases, hypertension, cardiac disease, or diabetes, you may need to talk to your doctor before you get sedation dentistry.

Your dentist will typically look at your medical history and physical health before you get sedation. He or she may also recommend that you get a medical clearance from your doctor first. As long as you are in good overall health, you are most likely a good candidate for sedation dentistry.

Finding the Dental Services You Need

With the sedation dentist Nashville residents get, you can discover a wide range of dental procedures. Sometimes, clients need help with problems like missing teeth or broken crowns. Whether you need a dental implant or a full-mouth restoration, there are dentists available who can help. If you are nervous about your upcoming procedure, sedation dentistry can help you relax beforehand.

Regular dental exams can help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. If you are suffering from dental caries or missing teeth, a high-quality dentist can help. At your dental clinic, you can find comfortable services such as:

Do you worry about going to the dentist? With sedation dentistry, you get the care you need without all of the stress. Nashville Dental Implant Center can help you discover a more beautiful smile. Find out how by calling us at 615.436.5987 today.


This video explains more about Pain Free Sedation during and after your dental implant procedure.

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