Full Mouth Restoration

For Improved Health and a Great Looking Smile

Want to improve your smile and oral health? Full-mouth restoration may be the right solution for you. Teeth restoration in Nashville can remove or help alleviate oral health issues due to any number of different complications within the jawline and gum, issues with your teeth, dental crowns, bridges, and other oral health issues. In many cases the patients can leave with fixed teeth the day of surgery.

Benefits of Full Mouth Restoration

woman smiles after teeth restorationImproved Health: Full mouth reconstruction helps to rebuild your appearance while at the same time restoring your dental health. Full mouth reconstruction or full mouth rehabilitation can include dental implants, dental veneers, bridges, dental onlays, and crowns. The combination of these will help improve chewing and improve overall dental health.

Great looking Smile: Reconstruction straightens crooked or misaligned teeth and whiten discolored or yellowing teeth. It will help to improve your quality of life and can bring back that great looking smile.

More Comfort: Treatment offers firm, stable, and natural looking teeth. Patients can eat almost anything they like and can smile with confidence again. With dental implants, reconstuction can also stop the destructive bone loss process caused by the trauma of wearing dentures.

Teeth Today: This advanced type of treatment allows the patient to leave the same day with fixed stable teeth. Dr. Locante has been at the forefront of Teeth Today since its inception.

More About Full Mouth Restoration

Full-mouth rehabilitation, full-mouth reconstruction and full-mouth restoration are terms used by Dental Implantologists when describing the process of restoring and rebuilding all of the teeth – both the upper jawline and lower jawline.

Nashville Dental Implant Center offers full-mouth restoration in addition to our other dental implant services. With Dr. Locante’s decades of experience working with dental implant materials and procedures, a full-mouth restoration will help you smile with confidence again.

What can determine if you are a candidate for full-mouth restoration?

  • You are missing teeth
  • Your teeth are deteriorating at a significant rate
  • Breakdown of past dental work such as bridges, crowns, dental inlays or onlays
  • Previous reconstruction breaking down or causing pain
  • Disease causing your teeth to separate from the jawline and/or gums
  • Other oral health issues

How quickly can teeth restoration be completed?

Teeth today or tomorrow? Yes – Patients that respond well to the procedure can generally leave the office with a full restoration the same day of surgery. Dr. Locante specializes in patients being able to have their “Teeth Today“.

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