Single Tooth Implant

Single Tooth Replacement

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Single tooth dental implant is just that...the replacment of one missing tooth. The decision to replace a tooth with a dental implant is preferable to wearing a partial or a bridge. Partials and bridges require healthy teeth on either side to be cut down, thereby putting the healthy teeth at the potential risk of decay, endodontic procedures and/or root canal treatments.

A single tooth implant, in good bone, typically has a 98% survival rate past 10 years. Whereas for instance, three unit bridges have approximately a 50% survival rate at 10 years.

Most patients experience very little to no discomfort with the single tooth dental implant procedure. Patients who are apprehensive about pain, we do offer various forms of sedation. Please visit our Pain Free Sedation page to learn more about our sedation options.

Single Tooth Implants

This video explains replacing a single tooth with a dental implant.

> Watch the video to learn more.

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