What to Expect

What to Expect

Dental Implants

Today, a dental implant is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth. This appearance is aided in part by the structural and functional connection between the dental implant and the living bone.

Implants are typically placed in a single sitting but require a period of osseointegration. Osseointegration is the process by which direct anchorage of a dental implant root and the bone of the jaw occur.

Osseointegrated implants are the most commonly used and successful type of dental implant. An osseointegrated implant takes anywhere from three to six months to anchor and heal, at which point the dentist can complete the procedure with the placement of a crown.

Once the dental implant has anchored with the jawbone, the new implant-supported teeth may be attached and the process is complete. During the integration period, patients wear a temporary tooth – or teeth – for cosmetic reasons.

Pain Free with IV Sedation: For a relaxed, comfortable and pain free experience, Dr. Locante and staff are certified to provide conscious I.V. and oral conscious sedation dentistry. During sedation, patients are conscious but in a state of total relaxation in which no pain – none – is felt.

The implant team carefully monitors the vital signs throughout the procedure to ensure comfort and safety at all times. One advantage of conscious sedation is an “amnesia effect” whereby most patients remember little or nothing of the dental procedure. To learn more please visit our pain free sedation page.

Cosmetic Dentistry can Include a Dental Implant : In many cases, dental implants are the preferred treatment for patients seeking a cosmetic solution for missing teeth.

The front uppers and lowers are especially prime candidates since appearance is important to us all. The same functionality and excellent appearance applies here as well.

Dr. Locante is an expert at creating implants that appear just like the natural teeth.

Meet Dr. Locante: Dr. William Locante is a world renowned Dental Implantologist. He has and does serve on many boards, he lectures, he educates - students and dentists alike, he is a published authority on implantology, and much more. Read Dr. Locante's bio.

Testimonials: Read what previous and current patients have to say about Nashville Dental Implant Center and Dr. Locante on our testimonials page.

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Hi. Just wanted to thank you all for your time yesterday. Your practice goes way beyond professionalism right into kindness and compassion. Please tell Dr. Locante that he has an impressive team. Thank you again. Read More
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Maria B

January 28, 2016
Being offered water in a bottle was so refreshingly friendly, along with all of the genuine smiles, made me feel very at ease. And, this is with every visit! Dr. Locante, you have a terrific work force. Thank you! Read More
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Jill F

February 05, 2016

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Dental implant treatment offers firm, stable, and natural looking teeth. Patients can eat almost anything they like and can smile with confidence once again.

Dr. Locante isn't just an implant dentist, he's a world renowned authority in the field of dental implantology.

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